Incontro Azienda ecotech 18 sett 2015

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Ecotech Macrhe Srl

Visita aziendale fatta il venerdì 18 settembre 2015.

L'azienda lavora materiale prime plastiche riciclata


Progetto Plastic Pallet finanziata dalla comunità Europea ECO-INNOVATION


Closed loop pallet system – production, implementation and recovery of pallet components made of mixed post-consumer plastics (RECYCLEDPALLETSYSTEM)


The project involves the implementation of a new recycling and production process leading to a better quality plastic, a higher output (thus lower cost) and a better energy efficiency than existing processes. With this new technology and in the new production facility that is set up, ultimately 16 kilotons of waste material (equivalent to approximately 1% of the total EU market) will be annually reused in a high quality application, pallet components. During the project, the recycled pallet components will be field-tested by launching customers active in the pallet production industry and in the operation of European pallet pools. On basis of the tests, a thorough evaluation will be conducted during which the environmental impacts, costs and user experiences will be assessed and compared to currently used wooden pallets. Post consumer plastic waste is difficult to re-use in sophisticated applications, because it consists of different types of incompatible plastics and contains contaminations. Therefore, it is currently usually incinerated or recycled in lower quality applications with limited market application, such as artificial wood for garden furniture or parking poles.